3 Movies To Watch When You Need A Freaking Laugh

3 Movies To Watch When You Need A Freaking Laugh

One of the best tools in the business world today is storytelling. And one of the best ways to learn about storytelling is by going to the movies. Here are three movies that will keep you laughing through crucial business meetings. The below-mentioned   new movies in Telugu  are the most seen and can be viewed by any age group.

Vallidari Madhya

Review: An engineering graduate named Varun (Viraj Ashwin) launches a company that provides for the needs of absentee parents. The result is that Anvaya’s role portrayed by Neha Krishna’s parents ends up as Varun’s customers. The instant Varun sets eyes on Anvaya; he falls in love. The issue arises when Varun and Anvaya’s alter egos interfere with their relationship even though they both adore him. The rest of the movie is about the ego struggles of the lead actors. The fundamental tenet of the movie is that egos shouldn’t ruin relationships. As a conservative and common person, Viraj Ashwin did a wonderful job in his post. He appeared classy and well-dressed, and the movie featured him dancing.


A wild local DJ named DJ Tillu, played by SiddhuJonnalagadda, is ecstatic about life. He meets Radhika Neha Shetty one lovely day and immediately falls in love with her. But to Tillu’s surprise, Radhika involves him in a homicide investigation.

The rest of the narrative describes how DJ Tillu escapes from this significant issue. DJ Tillu is one of the leisure comedies that can be witnessed only because of the exceptional performance from SiddhuJonnalagadda. Everybody will love his portrayed role and the fun and enthusiasm he has in-store. The film has neither a hard storyline nor some rushed situations, but when that one particular character of the lead was a game changer. One should give this film a shot and have a good weekend.

First Day First Show

This particular film has the main role of a character named Srinivas, played by Srikanth Reddy. He is stated as a college student and a top fan of the south sensation Pawan Kalyan. He is also in an affair with his college mate Laya, the role played by SanchitaBasu, who is also a fan of the top guy from the Tollywood industry. We must time travel to the days when “Khushi” was released in 2001. Srinivas was trying to get the tickets for the movie on the first day of the show.

The story further revolves around the success and the whereabouts after that. Overall, the film is silly and makes no sense. One can get through the first half, while the second half is yet another disaster. Silly plots and narrational mistakes are the things that one should notice. The characters are also annoying the whole film. Vennela Kishore has made the first half a little bearable.

A pair of fun scenes is marked better. Pawan Kalyan dictators and fan following can enjoy the association to a great extent. The director was also associated with a small role in the film, and he delivered up to it. Overall, this was a well-made movie that delivered audiences with the perfect dose of entertainment.


Our blog post focuses about movies to watch when you need a freaking laugh. It’s been super tough to get through those unbelievably stressful days later, and if you’re in the same boat, we highly recommend these three movies. These above-mentioned Telugu comedy movies can be seen by all groups irrespective of their ages. They provide a much-needed break from reality and are guaranteed to make you laugh and feel better!

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